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Sweetbird Speculoos Syrup 1 litre


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The perfect accompaniment to coffee, speculoos biscuits are everywhere, and we’ve incorporated this distinctive taste into a syrup. Sweetbird Speculoos syrup is inspired by the traditional Dutch Speculaas biscuits. Traditionally baked for St Nicholas’ Day, and for Christmas in Germany and Austria, the spiced shortcrust biscuits are thin, very crunchy, caramelized, slightly browned and some have an image stamped on the front. Our take on the biscuits in syrup form is made in Bristol with wonderfully caramelised biscuit notes and real cinnamon spice. This syrup works really well in a hot chocolate, or it can be used to make the ultimate Key Lime Pie frappé too.
Made in Bristol, UK
Free from artificial colours and preservatives
Free from GMOs
Made with British sugar
Vegan Society approved

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